Vacation Care

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Vacation Care

Our kids have worked hard at school and now it’s time to reward their effort with unparalleled enjoyment and exciting experiences.

Wonderland’s School Holiday program has just one goal, give every child the best time of their life. With a Service Director who is a big kid at heart, you can rest assured that every ounce of fun is squeezed into of every day of your child’s school holiday.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your daily grind, an extra study unit or the need to get jobs done around the house, your kids will be begging you for a reason to come to Wonderland’s Holiday Program.

What happens in Vacation Care

Your children are invited to take part in the pinnacle of school holiday programming where every day is spending time with friends, discovering something new & exciting and above all else, fun and laughter.

From 7am right through to 6pm across each school holiday period, our kids have the opportunity to take part in literally hundreds of experiences coupled with some of the most exciting excursion destinations Perth has to offer.

Whether it’s our Kindy kids, big kids, or any age in between, the immense range of experiences are designed with everyone in mind and our team are flawless in their execution.

Our excursions are an integral part of the school holiday program and very thoroughly considered. Just like our experiences, our excursions are carefully planned and suitable for every age.

We bring together every element of our indoor & outdoor spaces, vast resources, highly motivated team and connection to our community to build something truly amazing for our children.

What’s included

A veritable wonderland of structured and unstructured activities, both indoor and outdoor.

Exciting excursion destinations to maximise fun and enjoyment.

Quiet spaces for reading and resting.

Healthy breakfast and afternoon tea to fuel a busy day.

A safe and welcoming environment with experienced staff members.

Immersion in our community and world cultures.

A social environment where friendships blossom.

Flexibility for families with varying schedules.

Open communication between staff and families to ensure everyone is informed and up-to-date.