After School Care

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After School Care

If your afternoon juggling routine has you feeling like an air traffic controller, you can count on our team of world class jugglers to lighten the load.

Every day after school we bring kids together from a range of schools in our community, and it’s not just the kids. If it’s bike week, swimming week or even a big project that’s ready to come home, we’re ready.

Rest assured while you’re hard at work, grinding your way through that assignment or crawling through traffic, your kids are safe, sorted and having a blast.

What happens After School

It’s been a full day of school for our kids, now it’s time to stretch their legs and get into the fun and games. Our After School Program is designed to captivate an enormous range of interests, tailor-made to each and every one of our kids.

When the bell rings we’re walking side by side with our Kindy’s and Pre Primary’s, preheating ovens for our aspiring young chefs, getting ready for a footy scratch match, making sure the teddy bears are set for their picnic and building the tempo with the latest and greatest music.

We have exactly what our ravenous kids need after school to keep going. Whether it’s a fruit salad, full taco buffet or making their own pizza, each day offers a range of tantalising healthy foods.

From afternoon tea until 6pm our kids enjoy mountains of resources with the freedom to express their need for creativity, sports, rest or even challenge themselves with our STEM projects.

Child Care should never be a barrier for children to participate in after school sports or clubs. If your child attends a club after school in the area, have a chat with us and we can arrange transport there and back.

What’s included

Structured and unstructured activities, both indoor and outdoor, to provide a balance of fun and educational experiences.

Arts, crafts, baking, games, puzzles, sports and fitness.

Tailored experiences planned specifically for your child.

Quiet spaces for reading or homework.

Healthy afternoon tea to keep the kids going.

A safe and welcoming environment with experienced staff members.

A focus on cultural inclusion and providing a positive experience for all students.

A social environment where friendships blossom.

Flexibility for families with varying schedules.

Open communication between staff and families to ensure everyone is informed and up-to-date.

Transport on our fleet of buses from local schools in our community

Participation in local clubs and groups.