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Kindy Full Day

Is your little one enrolled in Kindy at school and feeling too grown up for long day care? We have the solution; Wonderland runs a full day program just for our Kindy kids from our Duncraig service.

Whether it’s just an alternate Wednesday you need or every day your child doesn’t have class, our Kindy program runs five days a week and caters for every Kindy schedule from every school in our community area.

Enjoy your day with the peace of mind that your little one is thriving in a safe, play based environment, encouraging their growth into primary school.

What happens in a Kindy Day

Our day starts at 7am alongside our primary school students, immersed in a wide range of activities, enjoying the opportunities to build and explore new social dynamics or excited to join their older siblings or school buddy.

When the school bell rings, our big brothers and sisters have started their day in class and now it’s all about our Kindy’s. It begins with a group reading session, learning about the calendar, weather and even a dance to get their minds and bodies ready.

What follows is a cleverly orchestrated day of learning, exploration, motor skills and social development, disguised as fun and games. While they enjoy non-stop entertainment, their minds are working like a sponge to soak up every piece of knowledge as we surround them with the wonders of their amazing world.

Our Kindy’s can only go for so long before needing to recharge their batteries, so there’s plenty of opportunity to rest, relax and even take a short nap if they need. But their day doesn’t end there, class is ending for our big brothers and sisters, and our Kindy’s get to enjoy joining in again until 6pm.

What’s included

Tailored experiences providing learning, exploration, motor skills and social development, based on the needs and developmental stage of each and every child.

Arts, crafts, baking, games, puzzles, sports and fitness.

Quiet spaces for individual and group play.

Healthy breakfast and afternoon tea to fuel a busy day.

A safe and welcoming environment with experienced staff members.

A focus on cultural inclusion and providing a positive experience for all students.

A social environment where friendships blossom.

Flexibility for families with varying schedules.

Open communication between staff and families to ensure everyone is informed and up-to-date.

Free shuttle transport between our Duncraig Kindy Program and other service locations for convenient drop off and collection.